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Recommended age range   3-7 years


Introducing “The kissy monster”- a heartwarming children’s book that will captivate young readers.
Immerse your child in a world where a lovable monster embarks on an adventure to spread love and joy to all it meets.
The colourful illustrations and engaging storyline will grab their attention from the very first page.
As the story unfolds, the child will develop a strong connection with the Kissy Monster.
Invite your child to join the Kissy Monster’s adventure by bringing home a copy of this delightful book. With its vibrant illustrations and touching storyline, “The Kissy Monster” will not only entertain but also teach valuable lessons about compassion and spreading, love and joy.
Watch as your child’s eyes light up with wonder while exploring the pages of “The Kissy Monster.” This enchanting tale will leave a lasting impression, inspiring them to share love and joy with those around them. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring this heartwarming story into a child’s life- order your copy today and let the magic of the Kissy Monster’s love-filled journey begin!

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